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Review: Midnight Secrets by Ella Grace

Midnight Secrets - Ella Grace

A lite romance suspense with many good pages of sexy fun moments, but sadly with a predictable and over-the-top ending.

I didn't love it, didn't hate it.

Zach and Savannah were first loves, broken apart when Zach left for the military. Ten years later, both of them find themselves back in the small town of Midnight, and with a lot of hurt feelings to overcome. There are also a few mysteries a foot, including the possible murders of Savannah's parents 20 years ago.

The romance between Zach and Savannah was fun and hot, and I always love a story where unrequited lovers overcome their obstacles. Zach never stopped loving her or feeling guilty about the way he left without ever saying goodbye. I loved his passion for her, but it got a bit clingy and possessive at times. Still, these two together felt right and boy could they burn up the sheets (and stairs...)

The mystery was not a favorite part of this book for me. I had trouble caring about it as anything other than fodder to keep the hero and heroine together. I felt it became obvious fairly early who was a main culprit, so the red hearings didn't through me much. But the ending of the mystery? Sorry, but it was pure eye-rolling, info-dumping, confession-purging craziness.

Compared to Christy Reece's Last Chance series (a series I absolutely loved, and who is Ella Grace's alter-ego), this series is more simple, down-to-earth, relationship focused without all of the superhero spies, worldwide terrorist organizations, and bullets flying.

I liked the small town feel and a more simple mystery to solve for the most part, but I don't know if this series is going to cut it for me. I may try another, but if it ends with the massive info-dump Q&A style confession just to help us discover the bad guy, I will be done.