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Blog Tutorial: Setting up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great way to monitor who is visiting your site, what they are viewing, and all other kinds of goodies.  Best of all, it is free!!


Follow these steps to add Google Analytics to your Booklikes.com blog. It takes about 24 hours for the data to start flowing in, so give it some time.



Step 1 (if necessary)

If you don't have one, create a Google account at  www.google.com/account


Step 2

Sign up for a Google Analytics account at www.google.com/analytics


Step 3

Within Google Analtyics, go to the 'Admin' section



Step 4

Under 'Accounts' select 'Create New Account' and select 'Web Site'



Step 5

Select either universal Analytics or a classic account (both are free)


Step 6

Provide an account name, website name, URL and timezone.  Optional, select Google data sharing



Step 7

Select Get Tracking ID, then accept the Terms of Service policy



Step 8

Copy the Tracking ID


Step 9

Paste the Tracking ID the box here: Settings > Blog > Google Analytics Statistic Code





Step 9

From Google Analytics, copy the Tracking Code


Step 10

Paste it at the very end of your HTML here: Settings > Blog > Theme: Customize > Edit HTML






Step 11, 12, 13 & 14

Save and then repeat HTML pasting to all pages under the drop-down menu (blog, timeline, shelf, followings/followers, page)