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Capturing The Cowboy's Heart - Lindsey Brookes A light and quirky “Cowboy meets City Girl” kind of romance that I got free from the Amazon.

Laci Dalton, a sassy and sexy reporter from Denver, lands a chance to interview the handsome widower Cade Tyler, ex-Rodeo star and owner of the Flying T ranch in Deep Creek, Colorado. Cade is trying to make a go of his business, but he is burdened with heavy debts brought on by many odd accidents around the ranch. So despite his hatred of reporters, he agrees to let Laci have her story if she agrees to work as a ranch hand for a few weeks to help him out.

Laci is out of her element working on a ranch. Her clothing is more suited for a call girl than a cow girl, she has no interest in rising at the crack of dawn, and she can’t tell the difference between a cow from a bull.

Cade and Laci do not start off well. He is still dealing with the loss of his career and the sudden death of his wife Karen two years ago, and he has turned into a bitter and cantankerous person. His doesn’t trust Laci because she is a reporter, but in time he sees how hard she is trying.

There are some funny and silly moments to the story. It even had some emotional moments too. We learn more about Laci's grandmother, Cade's first wife, and why the ranch keeps having accidents.

Overall, I thought this was a fun quick romance read, albeit predictable in many places. Cade’s mood swings didn’t always ring true, and Laci was such a mess at times I had trouble understanding what he saw in her. Well, besides her hot body. For much of the book I felt the relationship was more focused on the physical and not so much the emotional, but that isn’t to say they didn’t have some great interaction scenes. I just had a bit of trouble believing a man like Cade could change his ways and fall for a nutty lady like Laci in only a few weeks. Still, if you can stretch your beliefs and are in the mood for some sexy fluff reading about a hot cow boy, this could be a winner. The steam level picks up in the last half to a nice warm sizzle, and didn’t disappoint.