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The Magic of You - Johanna Lindsey 2.5 stars. Listened to this one on audio.

Amy, an 18 y/o Malory neice, has designs on her 36 y/o American cousin-by-marriage and spends much of the book trying to seduce him into marrying her. Cute at moments, but I am not into stories that star a silly girl as a heroine. She is a naive, TSTL heroine who needs rescued from her own stupidy repeatedly. Warren, the hero is a brooding, mean humorless man who thinks taking a switch to someone will cure wilfullness. And yes, he spanks her good in one scene. The romance was actually missing, it was just her trying to seduce him while he refused her over and over until, (ooops!), they have sex. Nothing romantic. The story was so predictable, a complete stretch, and not one I'd like to read again.

The audiobook reader was actually pretty good, so I'll mention that. My only issue was the characters CONSTANTLY laughed at their own jokes, and the readers laughing was like nails on a chalkboard.