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Marked - Elisabeth Naughton Marked may be a short book, but it is heavily detailed in its world building of mythological Gods, fates, alternate realms, magic and both mortal and immortal races. Fans of non-vampire PNR books should enjoy this one a lot, but those looking for hero's with fangs will not find it in this world.

Theron, an Argonaut guardian, is charged with finding Casey and bringing her back to his King. The belief is Casey's life will be used to spare the life of the future Queen who is dying. However, along the way they battle Daemeons, spawns from an evil army meant to wipe out Argonauts and who want to capture Casey for their own purposes. Casey learns more about her own history and meets her people, and Theron discovers she is his soul mate.

The actual romance between Theron and Casey was a bit washed out by all the world building and survival drama, and it relies on the 'destined souls' ploy to justify their rapidly paced romance. They were both likable characters, and there was enough romance to keep one satisfied, but it wasn't a favorite for me.

For those wondering about the steam factor: The steam was warm when it happened. Just don't expect anything like JR Ward, Nalini Singh or Larissa Ione. A couple pages heat up pretty good, but that's about it.

Overall, I liked it, but I think I prefer this author's rom suspense books more.