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Promise Canyon - Robyn Carr What a great addition to the Virgin River series, and now one of my favorites in the series. I just loved it. In Promise Canyon, Robyn Carr has really outdone herself by creating one of her most intense and passionate romances yet. (Seriously, it got hot!) She also wove in a fun and touching side story that includes Jack, Hope and the entire town of Virgin River coming to odds with each other’s wishes, (and some really good laugh out loud moments!) And, of course, we briefly meet a few other new characters that will begin the story arcs for the next two books in this series.

Clay and Lilly are both Native Americans new to the Virgin River series. Clay Tahoma, a Navajo originally from the Navajo Nation in Flagstaff Arizona, was living in LA when Nate Jensen asks him to be his new vet assistant. He jumps at the opportunity as it will put him close to his sister Ursula who lives close by in Grace Valley, and it will give him the fresh start he needs from his ex-wife and a chance to build a life with his son. Lilly has lived in Virgin River for many years and helps run the local feed store with her Grandfather. She is of Hopi ancestry, which historically is enemy to the Navajo. (It made for some funny dialog, but these two do not take it seriously.) She meets Clay while delivering bales of hay to the Jensen’s farm, and the intense passion really sparks. They both have an intense passion for horses, which helps draw these two even closer.

I am not kidding when I say this is probably the most passionate romance in this series so far, and a great part of that is because these two are just perfect together. Lilly is cautious and a bit intimidated by Clay as he does come on a bit strong at first (but in such a powerful sexy sort of way. Yum!) He respects her wishes to be friends, but that doesn’t stop their attraction from boiling over. However, personal insecurities and past relationships will need to be dealt with for these two to really make it work. And you know they do. Without giving away any spoilers, let’s just say I shed a few happy tears in the closing scene.

I’ve been a big fan of this series since I first read Virgin River two years ago, and while not every book is as good as others (and some have been a bit frustrating) I always enjoy the trip back to Virgin River every time. With this book, I couldn’t recommend it more to fans of this series. I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy through Netgalley.com, but unfortunately it has a sixty-day expiration to it. So I will be buying this one for my keeper collection when it comes out end of December.