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Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold - Ellen O'Connell 3.5 stars. I may clean this review up, but for now here are my initial thoughts.

I thought it was pretty good overall. It ended with a really good finish, and the narrative voice that was bugging me early on in the book was greatly toned down during the last third of the book. (The first half or so of the book felt like I was watching a movie where the actors rarely spoke, instead it was mostly narrated from the authors POV. It was frustrating and pulled me out of the story repeatedly.) But the core story between H/h was the better part of this book, and for that I can see why many enjoyed this story.

The story centers around the struggles and troubles of a half-Indian man married to a white woman in the late 1800s, and opens with a heart wrenching scene that sets the tone for the rest of the book. You can't help but want Cord and Anne to find peace and happiness despite the obvious struggles they will face. The author does a great job of developing these two and making the reader believe in their relationship, I just wish she would have done the same for the secondary characters.

Besides the heavy use of narrative voice to tell this story, the development of some of the secondary characters and their role in the story felt off in places. When it came to Cord and Anne's relationships with their family members, I never fully understood any of the relationships so I had trouble understanding many of their actions. His brothers didn't seem to walk their talk and support Cord or give him the benefit of the doubt when it was painstakingly obvious they would and should. And her family was portrayed so one dimensional it was hard to get a read on where she stood with them much of the time. She should hate them but didn't, yet when she did hate them it seemed for much less offenses.

Still, it really was an enjoyable book and I don't regret reading it. Anyone who loves western romances with some grit and a slow-but-steady pace should enjoy it.