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The Nightman - T.L. Mitchell Call me a sucker for a book with hot naked guy on the cover, but in truth you never really know what’s going to be inside do you? Especially when it’s a freebie book.

3.5 stars. The NightMan was an interesting tale about a werewolf, Adriel, longing for his human true love, Caitlen, who is held captive to a family curse enchanted centuries ago by the evil vampire Dorian. Dorian is obsessed with having Caitlen as his own, but she is protected by an enchanted necklace that keeps him from defiling her. While she cannot leave him, as long as she wears the necklace he cannot take her virginity. So until Dorian can find a way to remove the necklace, touching and tasting her will only make him violently ill. To make matters more complicated, Adriel works for Dorian as his personal guard, and is sworn to protect him because of his own family curse.

This was an enjoyable PNR read with some great world building and characters. I enjoyed the premise of this one quite a bit, and found it a great tale of good vs evil. The author created a solid and complex world for a novella length book, and I would be interested in more stories based on her world building. It even had a nice bit of sexy written in, which I always appreciate. The heat level was a nice steamy-warm kind of read.

Unfortunately for me, this story is largely told from the author's point-of-view and not through the characters. In other words, it is mostly written in a passive voice, not an active voice. I much, much, much prefer stories that SHOW ME and not just TELL ME what people are thinking, feeling, doing…etc. Comparatively, very little of the story is told from the characters directly. The dialogue is too sparse, which is a shame as the world building and characters made me want to know so much more. So despite the writing voice issue, I still recommend the book to anyone that is a big fan of vampire/werewolf PNR books. The author clearly has a great writing skill with words, so I hope her future books are told more from her characters point of view and not just her own.