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Promises - Marie Sexton Wow, this one did NOT disappoint! I read very few m/m romances, but compared to the many m/f ones I’ve read, this was a WINNER.

Promises is told through Jared’s point of view as he meets and falls in love with Matt, a person he believes will never be more than just his great friend. We get a wonderful glimpse into the lives of two people who must come to terms with their own identities, desires and expectations before they can truly love and be happy. This story really grabbed me and I hated to put it down!

While Jared is openly gay, he chooses not to subject people around him with a constant reminder of his lifestyle. For example, he always dreamed of becoming a teacher but ultimately chose against it to avoid the likely confrontation of bigoted parents. Matt, on the other hand, suppresses his desires for men and tells himself they are not real urges. He lacks interest in women, but won’t admit to himself that it has any significance. While these two share many common interests and quickly create a tight bond of friendship, Matt insists he is straight to keep the relationship platonic. But despite the emotional denial, much is brewing beneath the surface. These two need to face the truth of what is really happening between them, or lose each other forever.

This was a WONDERFUL romance story that delivered on so many levels. Both Matt and Jared were great characters, I just loved them. I loved how the story unfolded over many months as it gave so much credibility and believability to the romance. Both Matt and Jared had much to learn from each other. The author did a wonderful job of conveying the heart and soul of these two guys, and when things progress from friends to lovers I held my breath in places. And when the heat finally turns up, it got dang HOT! Bottom line, I knew this relationship wasn’t going to be easy and I could see many of the obstacles in front of them, but in the end I fully believed in this romance, loved these guys to pieces, and have no doubt they’ll get their HEA. Hope you enjoy it too!