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Untamed - Pamela Clare 2012 --Wonderful reading it for the second time, cried like a baby at the end! Heart melting, intense, and steamy -- what a perect kind of romance. Now let's bring on Connor's story!!!


2008--- Read it yesterday and absolutely loved it. It's the sequel to Clare's book `Surrender' and tells Morgan's story, the middle of three MacKinnon brothers. In short, it is an incredibly compelling, heart moving story that at times makes you feel as if a happy ending is simply impossible.

The romance between Morgan and Amelia was touching and beautiful, and in true Pamela Clare style, it became very sensual as the story evolves. Highly recommended! Can't wait for Connor's story!!!

`Untamed' takes place in 1759 in the American frontier, a time when the French and British were fighting for American land. Both sides enlist the help of American Indians, thus also pitting Indians against Indians. This isn't a story that takes sides with either the French or the British, but tells a story of what can happen to those caught in the middle.

Background: The MacKinnon brothers were exiled from Scotland in their youth, raised in America with their parents in the rugged frontier, and befriended the Mohican Indian tribe. These brothers are trained as both Scottish and Indian warriors, with skills that surpass any army on either side of the war. Through deceptive means, the British force the three brothers to form an elite fighting group known as MacKinnion Rangers and fight on their behalf. They are feared and renowned among both sides.

If you haven't read `Surrender', I would recommend reading it first just to give you more of the background that set this series into motion. But the story itself is a stand alone and there is plenty of back-story provided to help fill you in where needed. Enjoy!