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An Author Threatened with ONE HUNDRED 1-star Sock Accounts

I literally shook when I read this. I am mad as hell at the crazy 'fan' who could be so shallow and callous as to threaten an author with over ONE HUNDRED 1-star ratings from fake sock puppet accounts on Goodreads and Amazon -- all over a stupid book giveaway.  


As of this posting, and nearly 24 hours after this began, the author has not had any 1-stars added to either Amazon or Goodreads so it is possible it was just an empty threat.  But it was still a threat, and one that really disgusted me.



There is a BIG difference between 1-starring an author using your own genuine account based on whatever reason you felt it deserved (as long as you stay within the TOS), then compared to threatening an author with 100 dis-genuine sock accounts created purely for retaliatory measure. THIS IS GAMING THE SYSTEM!  It is against the TOS! And it is a spiteful shitty thing to do.


We hear a lot about BBAs these days, much of it deserved, but to be fair there are badly behaving 'fans' as well. And this Tina Anderson is a prime example.


For more screen shots and the rest of the story, see Author LIsa Survillas' Facebook post


It is also being discussed by Evil Wylie on Twitter, and author Alina Man on Facebook.