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Review: Big Sky Eyes by Sawyer Belle

Big Sky Eyes - Sawyer Belle

AMAZING! Wow, I highly recommend this one, especially to fans of NA romances or anyone who just wants to read an emotionally deep and romantic story of first love (not the insta-luv formula).


This was such an emotionally charged story told over a three year period. Brent and MacKenna first meet at a dude ranch in Montana and form an odd but solid friendship. At just under 18 years old, MacKenna is too young for Brent. He is 5 years older, and dismisses her schoolgirl crush. But the friendship they form means everything to him, as he has quite a bit to cope with at home.




The book takes readers on a three + year journey with these two, and OMG it just tugged at my heart! It blew me away, and I couldn't put it down. I loved watching them form a deep friendship that turned into a bone deep love. It broke my heart in places, and I cried a few times too. Oh, they were so deserving of their HEA!




I saw the book posted in a group I help moderate, and after reading the sample I bought the book as I couldn't put it down. Brent and MacKenna were such a great couple, the days on the ranch to their days apart because of school kept me glued to the book. What a fantastic love story of friends-to-lovers.


I am absolutely blown away that this is a debut book too. The writing is great, the editing solid, and the character development was unbelievable for a debut author. The steamy parts come late, but they were down right steamy too! I highly recommend.