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Review: Surviving Raine by Shay Savage

Surviving Raine  - Shay Savage

This wasn't a YA/NA romance, but it borrows heavily from that genre.

Bastian was yet another asshole hero, much like Travis from Beautiful Disaster, who drinks too much, smokes too much, curses too much, fights too much, feels he doesn't deserve to be loved, and alternates treating his heroine like a piece of shit or a priceless golden statuesque goddess.

Raine was yet another doormat, doe-eyed, virginal innocent, giggly heroine with a speech impediment, (this one couldn't talk without inserting an "...uhm..." every few sentences), who believes in rainbows and unicorns, that love will conquer all, and that heroes like Bastian are just 'being silly' when they repeatedly treat them with abusive language and actions.  

The relationship is essentially them fighting, fucking, fighting, fucking, fighting, then more fucking and more fighting. Toss in a few "I love you's" and a boatload of the heroine telling the hero his is worthy of love, and you have just summed it all up.

The shipwreck and survival aspects were my favorite part of this story, and it is why I bothered to finish the book. Despite not liking or believing in these two, I enjoyed seeing how they worked to survive, and I did want to know if or how they were rescued.

I know this book is really popular, and I understand that. I think this book is well suited for readers who like their romance characters similar to ones found in Beautiful Disaster and Fifty Shades, which I do not. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend this one.