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DNF Review: The Newcomer by Robyn Carr

The Newcomer (Thunder Point) - Robyn Carr

DNF.  I made it a few chapters in and found myself wondering WTF am I reading?  I really enjoyed book 1 (the Wanderer) and I thought this book was going to move on from Coop and Sarah's story to focus on a new romance.  But it dove right back into a continuation of Coop and Sarah's relationship and added some new drama for them. Then we got a heavy dose of teenage angst romance gone bad and her first broken heart. Where was the new romance in this book?

So I decided to read a few reviews by trusted friends who are also Robyn Carr fans. But after reading a few reviews, I realized quickly this book wasn't going to pick up in a way I would enjoy. This isn't a pure romance series after all.  I was hoping this series would be closer to her Virgin River series, but this is more of a womans fiction mixed with a lot of family drama and some romance. so I am calling it quits. I love, love, love Virgin River books, but this series is not my cuppa.