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Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Wallbanger - Alice Clayton

So disappointed! This book went from "O.M.G!" to a big fat "D.N.F." at 75%


I really (and I mean REALLY!) enjoyed the opening of this book, and was looking forward to a great read. But in the end, I gave it too much of my time and finally just had to call it quits.


Oh, it started off so funny and original. The 'Wallbanger' and 'Cock blocker' jokes were cute. Simon was such a mystery, and Caroline was a person I would love to hang with if she was a real person.  Her conversations with her cat had me laughing! And when Simon and her finally met, the banter was so well done.


The story stayed on pace for a while, but around the halfway mark it got a little juvenile for my tastes. In the quest for friendship with Simon, Caroline got a bit whiney and started playing head games.  The banter got a bit over the top. The cliches got a bit thick. And I was like "WTF Caroline?!


And then the story got really farcical, but I persisted. Caroline started to really rub me wrong.  What is happening to her? She is turning into a desperate, stupid big fat cliche from every bad Chick Lit book I've read.


Then she really, really started to make me not like her. The romance between her and Simon was turning into rainbow farting unicorns, and the delusions dancing in her head were no longer entertaining.  I no longer wanted to hang with her, assuming she was a real person. And the story about her friends got weirder and weirder.


By the time I quit, Simon was the only thing about this book I still really liked.  And that is how I plan to remember him, because I am so afraid if I finish this book I will end up not liking him either.


So: DNF at 75%