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GR friend requests

Reblogged from Liz Loves Books:

Over the last few weeks I've received a number of friend requests from authors I don't know, none of whom write in the genres I read and none of whom have any friends in common with me. I've just been ignoring them.


Tonight I received 2 such requests with comments attached.  One said, "I am new to GoodReads, but you were on the top of the reviewers list. Since I am also an author, I thought I would add you. :)"


The second said, "I have heard you are a very prolific reviewer and would like to connect with you."


So, these folks are being sold the 1% list and are indiscriminately sending friend requests with canned comments.  I am far from prolific, all my reviews at GR (except a few I may have missed) now say, "This is a book," explain I can no longer review at GR and refer people here. My GR profile specifically tells authors sending friend requests in hope of reviews that they will be ignored and states I do not accept author submissions for review, ever. 


I don't like being sold.  I want my name removed from the list GRAmazon is selling.  I was hoping not to have to delete my account completely, though.  I still like to use it as a reference and for PMs.