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Booklikes Sneak Peek: New Book Pages & Editing Features!

Yesterday I added a book to the Booklikes catalog and immediately realized I forgot to add the ISBN number (despite one warning asking me if I had the ISBN).  At the moment I didn't believe I had it, but after I hit submit I realized I did. When I tried to edit the book information, I wasn't able to. 


I then hit the nifty green 'need help?' button on the left of most pages and quickly submitted a request to Booklikes to please fix. Today I received an email from their customer service that made me very happy! 


Soon, we will be able to do book editing in a similar manner we are able to do with Goodreads. Booklikes has a long way to go to be as feature-rich as Goodreads, but there is no doubt they are making all effort to get there.


My email from Booklikes customer service:



We'll bringing new look of book page and many changes including edit option and joining editions. 
For the time being you cannot edit the book. 
Before adding book manually, please check if it's available in our book sources. You can search by ISBN as well and the book is here: http://booklikes.com/book/3119695/the-raider-a-highland-guard-novel-monica-mccarty
Please write with any question or concern.