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Dark Crescendo

Dark Crescendo - Lucille Naroian Yikes. It read like a bad soap opera skit just minus the evil twins. Lets see... we have a door mat heroine who can't think for herself, a dead husband who was blackmailed into marrying her, a hot-ex suddenly back from who knows where (but hey, he's now rich!), and a maniacal controlling dad who fakes heart attacks. Plus there are secret babies, murder, affairs, blackmail, lies and some seriously cheezy lines!


Just had to share some of the great dialogue :-)

Ooooooh, more secrets!
“Philip Jordan murdered your mother!” The force of his words nearly knocked her over. “He didn’t do it himself, but it was the same thing! She died trying to abort his baby!”

Or this great line even though the H/h have barely spoken three words in three YEARS:

"I want you so much, I ache, and I can’t hold myself in check much longer.”

“Then don’t send me away,” she pleaded. “Take me with you. We can be married right away. I don’t give a damn what happened in the past, or what our parents did wrong. That was their life, not ours. I only know I lost you once, and I don’t want to lose you again.”

Blackmail and secret babies!
“You’ve got that one wrong. It was you who scraped the bottom of the barrel when you brought Steven into my life and literally forced me to marry him. He was your little prize package, all tied up with pretty pink ribbons. Only those ribbons had strings tied to another woman and a child – Steven’s child!”

I give this one two stars because the author did a great job formatting and editing the book, my issue was the story itself. Fans of soap operas with bad acting may actually enjoy this one.