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Dangerous Passion - Tomas Chevalier WTF?! No, no, no! This is why men should not write romance. OK, scratch that. They should write romance, but not like this crap.

This was one fucked up story, thank God it was a short quick read. The heroine's portrayal is a classic example of why I do not read romances written by men. She is a domestic abuse victim reduced to nothing but a sex-starved air-head who needs a man to think for her and take care of her. Grrrr.

This book was classic bad. It had domestic violence, cheating, love horny lust at first site, and quickie sex with a stranger. Top this off with awful parents, bad dialogue, and quite a few TSTL moments, you will wonder how an author could cram all of this into so few pages.

Spoiler warnings ahead (but I'm sure you wont care!):

In short, our heroine Scarlett is an emotionally weak female who has been in a physically abusive marriage with a total A-hole for seven years. He beats her bloody for slightest things.

So what does she think about her abuse husband? This:
"She needed companionship; security; love. Regardless of Robert's behavior, she could not deny him those three attributes."
WTF?!! Really? She never calls the cops, talks to her parents, confides in a co-worker for seven years?!

This f'd up married couple hosts a family Christmas dinner, which includes her husbands long-lost half brother Issac visiting from France, his witch of a mother, and Scarlett's passive door mat parents.

In matter of **minutes** of meeting Isaac, the emotionally and physically abused Scarlett is now hot and horny for him and even plants a passionate kiss on him when they bump into each other in the hallway. An hour later they make an excuse to get alone in a storage closet, where she immediately wants to suck him off. Isaac declares his love, and the doe-eyed Scarlett declares her love right back. He begs to her to go to France with him, and she agrees.

But first we must suffer through a miserable holiday dinner where her husband gets drunk and walks out because dinner is boring him, listen to a cranky mother-in-law calling Scarlett a slut, plus a wildly stupid confession to everyone that Isaac and her are madly in love despite meeting just a few hours ago. Top it off with her own parents trying to get her to change her mind to work things out with Mr bloody fists husband. Yes, they believe maybe he can get counseling or something for his domestic violent tendencies. Way to go mom and dad. Grrrr.

I mean, who writes this shit? This was one truly pathetic excuse for a romance story. Seriously, pathetic.