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نهيل السامي - نهيل السامي/أبوحامدة .This freebie was mismarked as a romance historical, so if you expect anything along the lines of Lisa Kleypas or Julia Quinn you will be sorely disappointed. However, if you have read the author's dystopian series The Cash Chroniciles set in 2141, or just want to read a character driven story where the story and HEA are turned upside down from a traditional romance novel, this one may really hit the spot.

In this short story we meet the ruthless and heartless heroine Millicent and her soon-to-be philandering milksop of a husband William. They are both forced into an arranged marriage, one William wanted in name only. However, Milicent insists on a real marriage, and knows no boundaries to keep her from having William as her own.

Despite the potential of a good love story, this is actually the back story of characters that star in the authors Cash Chroniciles series. I can't imagine Milicent and William lived out a great HEA, but we will have to read the series to truly find out. It appears Milicent is a wicked character in that series, which has me intrigued to give it a try.

So while this one failed as a romance, the writing and characters peeked my interest in reading the dystopian romance series. But for this book, I'd give it 2 stars as a straight historical romance.