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Hideous - Violet Heart,  Dee Dawning 3.5 - If you like 'Beauty and the Beast' romances, you might enjoy this one. (It is free today too.)

After six-months of non stop snow and rain that is causing her village to slowly starve, Triselle ventures out of her cottage and finds herself at Earl Vanir's castle. Rumor has it him and all of his servants have not been seen for six-months, but what she finds there startles her.

Lord Vanir was a cold-hearted and uncaring Earl before his curse, but six-months of solitude and misery as a cursed beast has made him all too aware of what a monster he truly was. So when a beautiful young woman stumbles into his curse, he can't help but desire her.

This was a cute fairytale type romance with a few steamy scenes. At only 40 pages it was an enjoyable twist on the Beauty and the Beast story.