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Castaway Dreams

Castaway Dreams - Darlene Marshall This was a fun, sexy, over-the-top high seas adventure with pirates, good guys, and even a castaway Island. I forgot how much fun these type of historicals can be to read.

Alexander is a surgeon on board a ship bound for England when the captain asks him to keep a watchful eye on the only other passenger: Daphne, a young but oh-so-naive beauty and heiress. She's a ripe target for wayword men, and far too young for the old surgeon.

Problem is Alexander isn't that old at age 35, he just looks older thanks to a shabby wardrobe and some premature graying hair. But underneath the clothes and hair is the body of a young healthy man with desires for a beautiful woman. And Daphne turns out not to be all that naive, and at 25 she might be the woman for him if only they weren't from two different worlds.

Trouble abounds these two throughout their journey, and it's one adventure after another. The romance starts off as a physical attraction, but soon becomes a much deeper. Alexander knows he must resist her, but when Daphne puts her mind to winning this mans heart he doesn't stand a chance.

My only niggle with the story was at times it felt more of a father & child relationship as these two communicated at such different intellectual levels, but they do find common ground and the relationship does become more equally matched. Daphne's lack of smarts is tested over and over, and at times even I found myself asking if she could really be that clueless. At first they seemed like two of the most mismatched H/h in fiction, with their relationship being so one sided and their intellectual level so far apart. I'm not sure how much I liked her as a heroine, but she did provide some good laughs.

This is an over-the-top story so be prepared for some contrived plot devices and eye rolling dialogue, but if you're like me you really won't mind them. If you like a good swashbuckling high seas romance with a good dose of 'rogering', you'll want to read this one.