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Chia Pet Hell - Tam Ames Not bad, had a nice amount of humor. Someone has been kidnapping famous people over the last century and turning them into Chia pets. Xavier, the hottest male super model realizes he's been kidnapped when he awakes to find himself naked in a large green room in South America. But help soon comes in the form of a shape-shifting Chia pet who turns into a 6'4" delicious specimen of a man.

A quick 11 page story, free at scribd.com. I enjoyed Tam Ames other free stories much more, but I always love her writing voice quite a bit. This one had only a touch of steam, mostly just implied, but her others are a bit more saucy. ;-) You can find this little book here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/32474621/Chia-Pet-Hell