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Then You Hide - Roxanne St. Claire I read it this book because many reviews compare this author to Suzanne Brockmann and the story to 'Romancing the Stone'. While I can see the similarities, both Brockmann and Romancing are the real deal while this author and story is just a good, but second rate version. Its a fun, light suspense novel with good guys and bad guys. The fun was trying to figure out who is good and who is bad. The story twists and takes you to interesting place, so I thought it was pretty good. The romance was weak and clunky though, and I never did like the heroine Vanessa. She pulls some small TSTLs in the beginning of the book, which always peaves me as the heroine is suppose to be a super smart woman with great instincts, yet she walks smack into danger several times like a total dunce. (Why do authors do this?!!) She gets better as the story continues, but I could never see how these two fell in love. The few sex scenes were a good attempt at 'hot', but I wouldn't read this author if all I wanted was a spicy read. The suspense story was the best part. Not sure if I'll read more by this author, as my to-be-read pile is already huge. I guess if the reviews are good enough I might.