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Red Roses Mean Love - Jacquie D'Alessandro Pure fantasy historical romance. This was a great mental escape book to simply fall in love, feel the passion and experience regency London in the 1820s.

Haley finds Stephen wounded on the side of a road unconscious, shot and bleeding. Someone is trying to kill Stephen, so he hides out at Haley's home and pretents to be a tutor. Stephen is actually a wealthy marquess and heir to a dukedome. In the weeks spent recovering with Haley (who is head of the household at 26 due to her parents death) and her lively family and servants, Stephen discovers a side of himself he never knew: that he can care deeply for others. He learns to enjoy life via swimming, fishing and simple conversations. But life is not so simple, as he must return to his real life and face the killer. His deep desires for Haley sets his head spinning, and turns his life upside down.

This book has it all: great characters, a fun storyline, deep passion, and enough heat to satisfy those who like a spicy read. And best of all, I love what the book didn't have: there are no TSTLs or big misunderstandings, he is not a brooding sour alpha jerk (OK, he does have his moments, but nothing too aweful), and the ending was not rushed with a phony climatic conclusion. It was sweet, wonderful and romantic fun perfect for a mental escape break.