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Like No Other Lover - Julie Anne Long A wonderful romance. JAL really knows how to write about deep passions as well as how to explore the art of falling in love. It really is her strength as a writer. This novel introduces us to Miles, heir apparent of a very wealthy family, and the destitute Cynthia. The story centers around a house party at Mile's family home. The story starts off a bit slow, as Cynthia reviews all of the eligable men as possible husbands. Miles denies his feeling for her and instead sets his eye on a woman who his father has picked out for him. The story really begins to build at the halfway mark, and we see much more of these two together. They make a great couple, flawed as they are. I really looked forward to the next novel in this series. (This one can easily be read out of order.) I'd give the sensuality rating a steamy warm. Not a lot of love scenes, but what is there turns very steamy.