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The Unsung Hero - Suzanne Brockmann A hard one to review as there were several story lines going on, but overall it was a very satisfying romance suspense novel with plenty of intrigue and interesting secondary characters. The main story centers around Tom and Kelly, who are reunited in their home town after 16 years.

What makes this book really good is the character development and the suspense storyline, but the romance itself is typical stuff with them getting to know each other again, a few small misunderstandings, and them dealing with some minor past issues. There is a secondary romance between David and Mallory that I thought was much more riveting, and IMHO the secret stars of this book.

There was also a storyline with Tom's uncle and Kelly's father as they retold their story of events in WWII. I could have done without that bit, but it did help make for one tear jerker of an ending.

I have already read books 7-13 in this series, so it was interesting reading book 1 after already knowing much of what will happen later on. This may not be my favorite book in the series, but it was really enjoyable.