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Divorced, Desperate And Dating - Christie Craig Great book! Funny, sexy and cleaver writing. It's a romance mystery, but the mystery doesn't overtake the story. The romance between Jason and Sue is center stage, along with some great secondary characters providing comic relief. It was soooo much fun to read. (The mystery was quite cleaver too, and I kept changing my mind on who I thought the bad guy was.)

Sue is a mystery writer who started getting death threats. Jason has known Sue for over a year, as her best friend is married to Jason's best friend and fellow cop partner. (The hero/heroine of Divorced, Desperate and Delicious - another fantastic book). He doesn't do commitment so he distances himself from Sue after a close and steamy encounter four months earlier. Now Jason finds himself protecting Sue, and what a great combo these two make! Sue is quirky and funny, and Jason is a sexy flirt with a heart of gold.

I love this author, and recommend her books to anyone who enjoys light-hearted contemporary romances on the steamy side.