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Scandal - Carolyn Jewel Really, really good. Fans of historical romances will love this one. This author can write. It is also a very steamy, passionate read too. (She writes love scenes how I like them -- filled with passion, humor, buring heat but NOT full of body part descriptions and sex for the sake of sex. The scenes are very meaningful to the romance and the progression of the story.)

This was my first book by this author, and until last week I had never even heard of her. I saw some reviews and thought what the heck so I picked it up at the bookstore.

The story centers around the earl of Banallt and his passionate love for his friends wife Sophie. Now before you think this is a book about cheating, it is not. In fact, if you hate books with cheating in them you will especially love this book. Banallt was a rake with no morals, and as a result he lived a scandalous life. But that all began to change when he met Sophie. She refuses him despite her own marriage to a horrible cheating rake. They form an odd friendship, but nothing more comes of it despite his best efforts to change that. Then things change in both of their lives, parting these two for several years. This is where the story begins, a few year later and both a lot wiser.

There are parts of the book that goes back in time to retell past events, and the author does this without jarring the flow of the story. I like how the past is slowly revealed, as it really keeps you turning the pages to find out what the heck he or she meant in one of their comments to each other! Banallt has clearly changed his ways but struggles to make amends with Sophie to get her to believe in him. Its such a romantic, heart tugging story. She is a great heroine and her resistance is quite believable. There is much backstory going on about her brother, possible war...etc. that keep the story moving. Overall, a very good read that I strongly recommend to historical romance fans.