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What I Did for Love: A Novel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I’ve read everything by this author, and will without a doubt be first in line to buy her next book. I think this book would have been better titled ‘Ripped from the Headlines!’ The direct similarities to so many true Hollywood tales were abundant! And as someone who doesn’t follow celebrity BS, I wasn’t that entertained.

While ‘What I Did For Love’ was a decent read, it wasn’t SEP’s typical great read. The core story is about two young Hollywood TV child stars that grew up to hate each other, and later who fall in love while pretending their impromptu drunken Las Vegas marriage isn’t really a sham. Unfortunately the story does not come together until the end, and by that point I really didn’t care what happens to these two nut cases. The story centers on a lot of negative issues, which was a buzz kill to read: their hate for each other, their lagging careers, their broken family life, and (last but not least) their identity crisis. And its not just Bram and Georgie with all the negative issues, it seams everyone had some huge issue that this story needed to resolve: homelessness, weight gain, being able to stand up for yourself, grief…etc. And yes, the book solves everyone’s problems.

It is interesting that my two least favorite books by SEP stars a Hollywood hero with an identity crisis. Breathing Room (which was a lot better than WIDFL) being the other.

I wanted to really like this one, but without likable characters and some humor added here and there, it just wasn’t meant to happen. The only reason I gave it 3-stars as it did come together in the end for a decent ending. If you have not read SEP, do not start here. In fact, read everything else first.