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The Rake - Mary Jo Putney What a GREAT historcial regency-era romance. The passion, desire and tension is taught between the hero/heroine, but in a typical 90's style regecy romances there was very little bedroom action. But I swear I didn't miss it as the romance and tension was so good.

The story centers around Alys, a 30-year old spinster working as a land manager at a country Estate. And Reggie, a wealthy commoner who takes ownership of the estate where Alys works and is shocked to discover a woman running the property. Alys ran away from home at age 18, but her past will catch up her. Reggie is an alcoholic trying to make a better life for himself. Together these two form an odd friendship that of course evolves into a beautiful love and romance.

I read this one because it is listed on AAR's top 100 romances. Not everything on that list I agree with, but this one was really good.