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Stolen Fury - Elisabeth Naughton Fun action/adventure/suspense romance with a great hero and heroine duo. A great suspsense plot with plenty of twists and turns. Fans of the romance suspense genre will especially enjoy this one. The story takes place in Europe, US and the Carribean. Dr. Lisa Maxwell and Rafe Sullivan both are trying to find three marble statues known as the furies. Only a few believe they exist, but years of research has these two believing they are real. And pricless! And of course bad guys want them too, so as Lisa and Rafe gets closer to finding all three statues, the bad guys get closer on their heals.

Rafe is an absolutely delicious latin-lover hero. His background is a theif, which made for a very interesting hero of a romance book. But his motives are pure good. Lisa is a smart firecracker who works perfectly with Rafe. Their dialog and chemistry is first-rate fun stuff. The sensuality was medium-warm,(nothing too graphic), but the tension between hero/heroine took it up a notch.

My only beef with the story is it took so dang long to really understand what motivated these two to risk so much for these marble statues. With all the risk, danger and money being spent globe trotting around the world I didn't always understand WHY. Yeah, they are pricless statues but these two were not greedy, money hungry people. Their motives were clearly elsewhere. But when all is revealed it made great sense.

Overall, an amazing debut. I look forward to reading more by this author. Fans of romance suspense with a fast moving plot will enjoy this one a lot.