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Highland Scoundrel: A Novel - Monica McCarty 3.5 stars. A great ending to a terrific series. This wraps up the Campbell trilogy with the story of Duncan, the eldest brother. Ten years ago he was betrayed and found guilty of treason - a hanging offense. He escapes to Ireland, and has returned to see if he is able to prove his innocence. He believed Jeannie Gorden, the young woman he loved and wanted to marry, had betrayed him. Jeannie was in a terrible position of conflicting loyalties at the time, a situation which didn't change even after ten years.

Overall I really enjoyed this one, but I had issues with the heroine. I wasn't crazy about her. I understood her, but that was about it. I also didn't really see these two fall in love again when he returned. They spent time together, but it was only an OK romance. But the adventure story of betrayal and treason was very well done. I loved this part of the story, including the great conclusion as to how Duncan was finally able to prove his innocense. And for those who care about sensuality, this was a HOT read. Probably the hottest of all of her books. I look forward to what ever this author writes next!