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How to Seduce a Texan - Karen Kelley Loved this one! A sexy humorous story set on a dude ranch in the heart of Texas. Yummy, funny and oh, I want more!

Cal is a famous football player taking some R&R at his brothers dude ranch. After a media frenzy erupts when he breaks an engagement with a media darling, he is hiding from the press. However, a sexy reporter finds his location and begins a deceptive ploy to get the scoop story -- not realizing that Cal is already on to her. So instead of shipping her off, he puts her through the hard-knock paces of a dude ranch and puts her up in a far away, old rustic haunted cabin with no electriciity. And of cource, keeping her in the dark about the cook, spa and massage therapist on premise.

The games these two play are hillarious, and the heat that erupts is smokin' hot. There is even a secondary romance story that was equally enjoyable. This book really reminded me of Erin McCarthy style with the humor, heat and great characters. I totally recommend it to fans of sexy, contemporary comedy style romances.

One thing that was odd is that this book is classified as a paranormal romance, but I think that is a big stretch. It has a ghost as a minor secondary characater with a few funny scenes, otherwise its a straight contemporary read. I've always enjoyed this author, but I hands down think this is my favorite from her.