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The Promise of Jenny Jones - Maggie Osborne Loved it! A great, fun and at times emotional historical about a down-and-out woman who gets a second chance at life – and finds a perfect love that surprisingly does bring some tears at the end. Saved from the firing squad in Mexico, Jenny switched places with a dying woman in exchange to bring the woman’s 6-year old daughter to the father (Robert) in California. The daughter is an heiress, and according to many greedy relatives she would be better off dead so they could inherit the family fortune. Jenny’s word is gold, and a promise is a promise. The daughter is a handful, and really makes this story come alive. (If you love kids with personality in your romances, this is a must read!) Unknown to Jenny, Robert’s brother Ty is on a mission to locate the wife and daughter he hasn’t seen in six years. As you can imagine, Jenny and Ty cross paths in Mexico and the sparks start to fly (as do the bullets!).

It’s a fast paced story filled with action, humor and a lot of heart. The relationship between Ty and Jenny evolve into something bone deep, and the heat was steaming off them! I discovered this author last month with ‘Silver Spoon’ and am now glomming her backlist.