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Slow Hands - Lauren Bach 3.5 stars. A sexy romantic suspense, definately better than average read. My issuses were all small, but they added up. When I consider that this is the authors second book I find myself really impressed. I realize this is the hardest genre to write, so I give the author credit for a great job considering all the research that needs to go into one of these books to be truly great.

The best part of the book was a great ending - and what a twist at the end. No spoilers, but I will say great job there. But my main issue is a common gripe with this genre -- that I believe this genre shouldn't rewrite laws and legal systems just to make a plot work, which this one seams to do subtley but often. Example: for an agent concerned about his client, she is alone a lot! And I can't imagine the Feds (OK, ATFs but same thing for this example) ever being able to release a lifer after only 5 year into the same small community wher he raised the hell growing up. And as much as I liked the heroine, her need to be alone so much was a classic B-rated horror movie move ploy -- you scream at her not to go into the room but she still does!!

Despite the plotting errors, there was a lot right about the story and especially with the writing. This author has HUGE potential, and given a well plotted story she could really rule this genre. And her sensual/sex scenes deserve an A+. She built great chemistry between hero/heroine. I will read more by this author, but why hasn't she published recently??!!