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My Wicked Marquess - Gaelen Foley, James Griffin Started out great, and initially I really liked Max and Daphne. They had great chemistry in the beginning. But then the story itself didn't really go anywhere - it was mostly laying out the good vs. evil background story that will follow into other books. It was interesting, but still not much happens. And then Daphne started to become annoying, but not TSTL (thankfully!). And it had a long, drawn out ending just to set up the next book. In summary: I loved the opening, started to get bored about halfway, and struggled to finish the last 50 or so pages.

This book is clearly the start of a series as there are lots of unresolved loose ends that no doubt will get wrapped up in future books. I will likely continue with at least one more book in this series, but I don't expect this series to be as good as the Knight series. But maybe the next book will prove me wrong.