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Sapphire Dream - Pamela Montgomerie, Pamela Palmer The plot was honestly the best part of the book, but the romance only so-so. I found myself wondering if another author wrote this same plot if it would be a mega hit. Truth, the writing was just average and it read like an 80's bodice ripper (without the ripping). The heroine always had to have her way and of course needed to be rescude over and over and over. This is also the start of a series, but you don't realize it until close to the end that there are a set of jewels that are some how connected. This should have been more upfront in the story as it could have been really intersting. There were some interesting twists in the story toward the end too. My beef was the writing gave the book a one dimensional feel, and the romance was choppy. I am keeping an eye out for the next in the series as the story does intrigue me.