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Hot Pursuit - Suzanne Brockmann Overall a great reunion book staring many fan favorites. You get a romantic suspense story that includes a blossoming new romance featuring Dan Gilman, plus a super-sized eeeeeeeeevil villian that hides in plain sight, and the brilliant sleuthing and lots of tender moments between Sam/Alyssa and Jules/Robin.

First off, who is in this book? This book reunites fans with Sam, Alyssa, their 10-month old son Ash, Jules, Robin, Izzy, Danny G, Jose 'Jay' Lopez, and Tony (the new gay SEALs team member.) You will get a brief update on other members such as Nils (leading a new SEALS team 12), Max, Gina and their two kids (Emma now 2, and a new baby boy), and Sophia who is now pregnant. Savannah is the glue that brings everyone together, but she is only a minor character. (Her husband, name escapes me as I type, recovers just fine from the accident he received in the book DON.) We are also introduced to two of Savannah's friends, the ultra-beautiful Maria, a New York assembly woman, and Jenn, Maria's plain-Jane and a bit plump assistant. Plus there is a slew of secondary characters who all become suspects, leaving the readers to struggle while guessing which one of them is the dentist. The UPS guy? The cop? The intern? The brother? The homeless guy? The campaign donor? Since I guessed all of them during one time or another, I was just glad when he was finally revealed! I couldn't guess anymore.

While this will not go down as my favorite in the series, it was a really good read. Sam, Alyssa, Jules and Robin felt like old familiar friends, so it was great to have them back leading the suspense part of this story. The romance part of the story involved Danny G and Jenn. From previous books we know that Danny G is Izzy's brother-in-law and not always a nice guy. Danny does become a likable standup kind of guy in this book, but Brockmann keeps him in full character so he does turn into a jerk in one big scene. However, without giving any spoilers he redeams himself the best we could possibly expect so I was more than happy with his storyline.

I hear the next book will (finally!!) star Izzy, and include more of Danny and Jenn. I can't wait.