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Rescue Me (Last Chance Rescue Trilogy, Book 1) - Christy Reece 4.5 stars. What a great romantic suspense story. Loved the romance, the pacing, the writing style...etc. Steamy tension, hot sex scenes, two fantastic leads, great secondary characters -- overall, a refreshingly good romance. There were some weak points, and fans who like a strong suspense storyline may be dissapointed as it was on the predictable side. But since I am not big on the suspense part, it works for me. Will absolutely read more by this author.

At age 21 Devon mysteriously dissapeared without a trace, only to emerge months later as Eden. For reasons the book will reveal, Eden St. Claire has put her old life behind her - and you wont blame her one bit. At age 28, she is now a top agent with Last Chance Rescue (LCR) Enterprises, and has survived a great deal. She is strong and hardened at the core, but she has never fully lost her grip on humanity. Eden/Devon is a great character that is strong but has vulnerablities which she recognizes and keeps in check. When Jordan re-enters her life, she is challenged to keep her cool. He doesn't recognize her, but he is still looking for the missing 'Devon'. In her former life Eden was madly in love with Jordan, but he never saw anything but a young, sweet kid. He joins LCR in hopes of learning more about Devon's mysterious dissapearance. As they work cases together, a deep passionate relationship builds between them. It is hot, steamy, full of tension that just worked for me!!

My only nagging complaint is something that bothers me in darn near all romantic suspense stories - and that is 'the devil is in the details'. There are times when two plus two just doesn't equal four, which can be jarring. The author gets her details right in much of the book with the big exception of her medical knowledge and the set up of the uber secret organization Last Chance Rescues. (A doctor who says to get some sleep when you get a bad concussion?! And all the super speed healing that went on was off putting.)

The series is based on a highly secret organization that rescues people from peril danger, mostly kidnappings. The organization is not well outlined in the book, so I hope it becomes more solid in future books. My problem was how they so easily got clients from all over the world, both in private sectors and assisting governments/police agencies regularly -- but yet they are a super secret agency that no one knows about? From what I could tell, only the bad guys don't know who they are. It would have been more believable if their work cases were fed to them from a single source who helped keep the groups identity unknown. But nope.

Don't get me wrong, I really did love this book. My bones of contention were small potatoes in the overall enjoyment of this book. The author can write, build great chemistry between her hero/heroine, and keep you turning the pages to read more. This is a hard genre to write, and since this is the authors debut book I can only imagine the rest will only improve.