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The Seduction of Samantha Kincade - Maggie Osborne Another great read by Maggie Osborne. If you like stories of a heroine dressing and living as a man, this would be a great book to read. For five years Samantha Kinkade lived as bounty hunter Sam Kinkade, with the single quest to kill the man who killed her mother and destroyed her family. To help flush out the bad guy, she captures his brother - who just so happens to be on his own personal quest to find and kill his brother! IMHO, not quite as good as Silver Lining or The Promise of Jenny Jones, but still really good. Sensuality was kisses only, which was a bummer because the tension was strong between hero/heroine. So when the story skipped over the bedroom scenes I felt a bit cheated as it really built up that part of the romance. (MO's other books do not skip over the bedroom scenes.)