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Forbidden Falls - Robyn Carr One of the best in the series yet. And surprisingly, this one could be read as a stand-alone as there were no story arc's playing out in this book. Best yet, we get plenty of time with Noah and Ellie. I think they got 80% of the book. I also have to give this book credit for one of my favorite marriage proposals. Lets just say funny and touching!

Forbidden Falls is a wonderful romantic story of a young single paster in a new town who finds love with a woman from the other side of the tracks (so to speak.) Ellie, a former dancer at a strip club, needs respectable work in order to beat a custody battle over her two young children. She applies for the position of paster's assistant in Virgin River at a church under renovation. Despite first appearances, Ellie turns out to be a great assistant for Noah, who comes to depend and care for her deeply.

There is a secondary story that plays out with a past hero/heroine duo. Paul and Vanessa has a heart-tugging change of events brought into their lives. You don't need to read their story to understand what is happening in this book. However, you may want to go backwards before going any further forward in the series as most books do have a story arc -- and there are still several unresolved that I believe will play heavily into the next couple of books.