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Vision in White - Nora Roberts Pure boring. This audio book should come with a warning “Don’t listen to while operating moving vehicles, may cause severe drowsiness.”

I now know WAAAAAY more about wedding planning and passive/aggressive relationships than I ever cared to know. Where was the entertainment, the spark between hero/heroine, and the romance in all that page filler? It started out pretty good, but degraded as it went on. It became just one stupid self-imposed conflict after another, sandwiched between way too many inane conversations about wedding planning. Mac (the heroine) had a mother who drove me up the wall. She should have had a much lesser role as she was just pure annoying. The romance was flat and predictable, but I did like Carter. He was too good for Mac though. As the book continued I found myself liking Mac less and less. She was a twit with little common sense. By the end I was hoping Carter would meet someone else. I doubt I will continue with series.