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Beyond Sunrise - Candice Proctor 4.5 stars. A wonderful high-adventure story that takes you on a wild chase through the South Pacific island jungles as our H/h try to out run the British Navy to prove the hero's innocence of a crime committed 10-years earlier. It had it all: Cannibles, volcanos, burial caves, rope bridges over deep canyons, crocodiles, sharks, ship races, tretchory and lies, great local native characters...etc. I half expected King Kong to enter the story, it was such a wild adventure ride. The action never let up, and the romance was so touching. The romance is a PG-13 (warm), but overall very satisfying. The book reminded me of Indian Jones, King Kong, The Mummy...etc. kind of action and romance. My mind was hearing big orchestra music through many of the scenes! Fun book.