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Something About You - Julie James A really cute quick read with light-suspense and a romance-comedy storyline. And better yet, this time we get a good dose of steam between the H/h.

Asst US Attorney Cameron Lynde witnesses a murder, and then finds herself working with FBI agent Jack Pallas to bring the bad guys to justice. But Jack doesn't care for Cameron at all, as he blames her for nearly ruining his career three years earlier. Of course, as they work closely together their attraction to each other becomes more than they can resist.

Both Jack and Cameron were wonderful characters and the best part of the book. Likable, funny, smart and sexy when it counted. The dialog and chemistry between these two is where the magic really happens in this book, as the suspense storyline itself is pretty typical fluff we've read many times before.

This is a quick read at 307 pages, but it was all fun. And when the romance heated up between Jack and Cameron, the scenes don't quickly fade to black and move off stage like they did in this authors first book. (I never read the second book, so I can't comment on the steam level of it.) While this isn't a burning hot romance, fans of steamy romances will be well pleased. I know I was.