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Stolen Heat - Elisabeth Naughton Loved it! As romance suspense stories go, it was really good. It had a tight, believable suspense story (I did not roll my eyes even once, which is hard to do with the romance suspense genre!), and it never lost focus on the romance. the story moved at a frantic pace, but was easy to follow along. Great writing.

The story reunites old lovers, and what a reunion! Fast, furious and crazy action takes them on a life or death chase for survival. Pete, a wealthy antiques dealer with a questionable past, fell in love with Kat six years ago while in Egypt. Kat, a young archiologist working on digs and giving tours, fell crazy in love with Pete - only to find herself deeply involved in a crime ring involving stolen artifacts. Not knowing who to trust, she fakes her death. Pete believed her dead. Now, it is six years later... Wow!! What a ride!

The heat was good too, a lot of tension and a few hot passionate love scenes. I'd rated it steamy warm to mild hot. It's not erotica, but there is always an underlying sexual chemistry and tension going on. If you haven't read the first book, no worries. The characters are losely related, and the story is 100% independant of the first book. The original hero/heroine make a small appearance, but its insignificant.