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Mustang Wild - Stacey Kayne A cute western historical with a little heat and a lot of heart. Tucker and Skylar made such a great couple. Accidentally married (yes, this was funny!), they find they can't keep their hands off of each other. The story has them rustling a heard of mustangs from Arizona to Wyoming with bad guys not far behind. Skylar is an expert handler of horses, and can keep up with the men. But she has a soft side and yearns to live a life like a woman should, with husband, home and children. Tucker is taken by her and instantly attracted. He is a great hero. Likable and funny, he is a rough cowboy with a tender side who finds himself over his head with Skylar.

This is a quick read at 290 pages. Fans of Linda L Miller or the like should really enjoy this series. The heat is mild to warm, and had one pretty steamy (and funny) scene, but it never gets graphic. I'd give it 3.5-4 stars. I'm looking forward to the next book with Chance, Tucker's identical twin brother.