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Lover Mine - J.R. Ward (*MAJOR spoiler alerts to anyone reading this!*)

3.5 stars. I don't know how to review this book without spoilers, so not going to try.

I am a huge fan of John, but I will agree with many who think this story didn't compare to V, Rhage, Wrath...etc. While I liked how Ward continued softening the butch Xhex into a believable character and gave us more of her story, it was John's back story that I really wanted. I wanted more answers about John's past, and felt we didn't get much.

And too much Lash/Lesser development. I just don't care for the Lessers storyline at all. They are not a worthy foe, their storyline is getting too repetitive, and the brothers continue to make no real progress in their elimination despite the fact they are so much more powerful. The Scribe Virgin, once again, takes a passive role in protecting the brothers from this so-called evil. I honestly just don't get the SV's role in this series.

And I was confused about the so-called reincarnation bit. John had a seizure just before his wedding and it was glossed over. Since Darius died when John would have been in his early 20's, I can't buy the implied reincarnation bit without more info about John's own beginning. Darius was supposed to be given a second chance, and for so many books we thought John and D was the same person. I am glad he is not Darius now that we know he had a fatherly role with Xhex.

Still, there was a lot I liked about the book. Despite the lackluster romance, I was glad John and Xhex got their HEA. I though Tohr’s development was great, and was happy to see John and him reconnect. And the secondary storylines for Mhurder and Payne were interesting, and I do look forward to both their stories. I also enjoyed the Quinn/Blay saga a lot, and was actually glad it didn't wrap up in this book.

Lastly, the writing voice was over-the-top with the ‘gansta’ talk, I sure hope that gets curbed on the next books. Some of it I just didn’t understand. The actual dialog between brothers wasn't as 'gangsta' as the narration.