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My Dearest Enemy - Connie Brockway A super romantic historical, with an H/h story that was deeply passionate and from the heart. I loved it. I shed a few tears in the end. And such great bantering/dialog between the H/h, what fun it was when these two were communicating together. Set in the countryside of England in the late 1800’s, he was a captivating beta-type hero who grew up with physical disabilities which he had to overcome, and she was a devoted woman’s rights leader with a past that fully explains her point of view on marriage. The H/h had some major obstacles to overcome before they could get to their HEA. There was a strong under-current of passion and tension between the H/h throughout the story, but those looking for the physical parts will need to wait a bit longer as it comes later in the book. But when it does, WOW it was passionate and tastefully done. I can see why this is on the AAR top 100 list. This was my favorite Connie Brockway novel so far.