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Infamous - Suzanne Brockmann 3.5 stars. I liked it, but didn't love it. While it was a romance between AJ and Alison, the main character was really James - AJ's 101 year old great grandpa's ghost. No, this isn't a paranormal romance. It is a straight contemporary romance with a ghost who helps (and helps, and helps, and HELPS!) to solve murders, rescue dying people and relay messages among the living.

The ghost (James) had a great back story that was interesting when he was alive, but his incarnation as a ghost who 'returned' to set the story of his life straight was tooooo convenient, and much of the story's progression relied on James’s mystical involvement one way or another. He was always in the right place and the right time, had a full grasp of today's lingo and technology, and was conveniently projected to scenes that would help him solve the big mystery, capture the bad guys, keep everyone safe, or even dole out his timely wise relationship advice. OK, sure.

AJ and Alison's romance was pretty simple. AJ isn't convinced he is really seeing great gramps ghost, but after a few weeks of persuasive tactics he goes to Arizona where Alison is working on a movie about James's life. Alison and AJ lock eyes, and sparks fly. Soon, clothes fly too. Then Alison learns that “perfect man” AJ was once an alcoholic (ten years sober) and he see's ghosts, which thus begins Alison’s long wishy-washy 'I can't decide what to do' diatribe that lasted through most of the book. Meanwhile, AJ realizes Alison's life is in danger so he enlists the help of James to keep Alison safe while at the same time trying to convince her that they are meant for each other, and not just for the hot sex they keep having.

Overall, it was good but not great. It is a stand alone, and there were no story arcs like we are used to in her Troubleshooters series. And while I am still waiting anxiously for the next TS book (Izzy’s story!!), I don’t think I’d be inclined to read anymore of her ghost stories – that is if she writes anymore.